ATI Tray Tools

Jeudi, 20 Octobre 2005 21:42
mainlogoatitool.pngRay Adams, ne chôme pas en ce moment, quelques jours seulement après la 755 son logiciel ATI Tray Tools  passe en version
Cette fois ci, le changelog est disponible, et comme toujours il est à la suite.

Nom du Fichier : ATI Tray Tools (Détails)
Version :

Le Changelog:
+ Added option in atitray.ini to enable old I2C control method. Used prior 750 build.
+ Added option in atitray.ini to turn on OLD BIOS detection procedure
+ Added support for F75363/F75363SG sensors
+ Added new option to configure quality of Adaptive AA. You can select from two modes. Performance
 and Quality.
+ Added new option to enable "High Quality AF". Enabling this feature may impact performance.
 This feature is not supported by all ATI graphics cards. (it seems only R5xx series can
 handle this feature)
+ Added experimental support for Digital Flat Panels and Mobile LCD Panels.
F Fixed error when ATT tries to read clocks and unable to start if clocks equal 0
 even if overclocking was disabled.
F Fixed error in Game Profile creating procedure when the game name contains ampersand chars
F Fixed bug with wrong BIOS detection procedure
* Redesigned Direct3D and OpenGL configuration dialog boxes
* Updated TV/Display module. Added experimental support for old Radeon boards (less than 9500)
* Improved ATT shared memory update procedure
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