Speedfan 4.24

Écrit par Grimgor   
Speedfan nous reviens dans sa nouvelle version 4.24

Voici la liste des nouveautés
  • enabled GET CONFIG button on the INFO tab (please, read the help file) 
  • added support for ALi M1563 SMBus with M1681 
  • enabled online GET CONFIG procedure to download user supplied configurations for individual motherboard models 
  • fan names set up by sensor's initialization code are now properly reflected in the UI 
  • better detection of ITE IT8702F 
  • identified a new revision of ITE IT8705F 
  • added debug code and improved NS PC87366 support 
  • fixed russian and added danish translation 
  • Winbond W83791D and W83791SD do share the same Device ID and are now always detected as a Winbond W83791D 
  • properly closed the I/O support routines when entering suspend

+ le support du 64bit

Nom du Fichier : SpeedFan (Détails)
Version : 4.40

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