Speedfan 4.25

Jeudi, 21 Juillet 2005 22:01
softwareSpeedfan le gestionnaire de ventilateurs, voltages, et températures est de retour en version 4.25

Le changelog est à la suite...

Nom du Fichier : SpeedFan (Détails)
Version : 4.40

  • Added EVENTS handling
  • Added full Intel ICH7 support
  • Added full SMSC LPC47M233 support
  • Fixed fan speed readings for SMSC LPC47B27X, LPC47M10X, LPC47M13X, LPC47M14X, LPC47M192, LPC47M292 and LPC47M534
  • Revisited DELL SMBIOS routines: added support for a wider range of INTEL chipsets and for more temperatures on the same system
  • Added preliminary support for ALI1573 SMBus
  • Added full support for WINBOND W83627EHG
  • REMOTE temperature reading for LM99 now properly adds 16C
  • Added an additional check when testing UGURU support
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