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DirectCompute Benchmark

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Description :

DirectCompute Benchmark permet d'effectuer une évaluation des capacitées de calcul GPGPU des cartes graphiques ATI/NVIDIA

DirectX11 doit être installé, il ne fonctionnera que sur Windows7

Il n'est pas forcemment necessaire de disposer de cartes DirectX11, DirectCompute est également supporté sur des périphériques DX10 à condition que le pilote le permette.

Pour NVIDIA: A partir des forceware 190.62

Pour ATI/AMD: Catalyst ne supporte pas encore DirectCompute sur les GPUs DX10/10.1

0.45b: (23-12-2009)

  • -"CPU (OpenCL device)" API added (works only for platforms that include CPU device, ATI Stream v2.0-beta4 and v2.0.0 only at the moment)
  • -the content of debug/log window is now also written to debug.txt (in case of app crash)
  • -improved logging, now also threads write to debug.txt
  • -changing the way threads are initialized (serial instead of parallel). The OpenCL clBuildProgram/clUnloadCompiler calls are now thread-safe.
  • -fixed some problems with recognising driver version (when DX subsystem value differs from one found in hardware location string SUBSYS_XXXXXXXX)

0.44b: (19-12-2009)

  • -Added "Debug" and "About" buttons
  • -Improved logging feature
  • -Removed toggling device state between each Dispatch call. Should improve DirectCompute performance.
  • -Improved dual-GPU cards support (OpenCL). NOTE: I'm not able to check the OpenCL device location or any hardwareID to find out if the GPUs belongs to one dual-GPU adapter or two separate single-GPU adapters. That makes OpenCL tests to use ALL devices for the selected vendorId.
  • -Removed support for non __stdcall OpenCL.dll. If you still use it (190.89 drivers for developers) please update the drivers or use some older benchmark version.

0.43b: (08-12-2009)

  • -"All" button added. Runs three benchmarks (if available) for the current adapter skipping validation windows (if passsed). Button runs DirectCompute test, OpenCL test and CPU test.
  • -changed the "about..." window content and main window title.
  • -clGetDeviceIDs(NULL...) changed to clGetDeviceIDs(platform...). This will fix OpenCL compatibility in the future.

0.42b: (07-12-2009)

  • -fixed lockup/crash issue in the CPU test found in 0.41b
  • -added "Results pane" window showing short summary for the current adapter
  • -changed the way I shedule work for OpenCL/DirectCompute from 128*do_work_on_GPU([128*128*128]*(1*single_work)) to 16*do_work_on_GPU([128*128*2]*(128*single_work)). That reduces API overhead.
  • -fixed threads management for all tests.

0.41b: (05-12-2009)

  • -fixed profile problem in the Combined DirectCompute test. (when adapters had different feature level the test were using profile value taken from the combo box for all adapters)

0.40b: (04-12-2009)

  • -added "Combined DirectCompute" and "Combined OpenCL" tests that use all available adapters (even from different vendors)
  • -each adapter uses own thread during the tests. That includes single-adapter tests.
  • -added messaging system for threads synchronization
  • -extended results validation ('online' not only at the end of the test like in 0.35)
  • -scoring system changed. From now it shows mega kernels per second for *ALL* APIs. The scores are 100% comparable

Changelog 0.35

  • adds full OpenCL support, shaders profile selection, versions reporting and some basic results validations.

Changelog 0.25

  • DirectX web updater inclus
  • Correction des ratios
  • Update du Flag
  • GPU et CPU scores maintenant comparables
  • S- (GPU) DX11 SINGLETHREADED flag set / (CPU) 1 thread
    M- (GPU) default dx11 device settings / (CPU) 12 threads
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