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Prime95 v25.11 (32bit)

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Prime95 est en fait à la base un logiciel déstiné à découvrir les nombres premiers de Mersenne.
Version pour: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista 32bit

Les threads multiples sont maintenant supportées

Changelog 25.9 build4

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Changelog 25.9 build4

  1. Performance increases for the 64-bit version by taking advantage of the
    eight extra SSE2 registers. The 32-bit version may also be a bit faster
    by taking advantage of the Core 2 architecture. The FFT code was
    originally optimized for the Pentium 4 where instructions like
    "movapd reg,reg" take 6 clocks and should be avoided, whereas on Core 2
    the same instruction uses just 1 clock cycle and improves scheduling.
    The 32-bit version may be slightly faster or slower on the Pentium 4, but
    not enough to worry about. Preliminary benchmarks indicate:
    32-bit Pentium 4: between 2% slower and 1% faster
    32-bit Core 2: between 2% and 6% faster
    64-bit Pentium 4: between 2% and 4% faster
    64-bit Core 2: between 10% and 13% faster
    64-bit Core i7: between 7% and 12% faster
    64-bit Phenom: between 10% and 13% faster
    AMD64: between 1% slower and 1% faster
  2. Intermediate save files were overhauled. Trial factoring, P-1, and
    ECM now support multiple save files. The backup save file uses a .bu
    extension. While a new save file is being written a .write extension
    is used and renamed when successfully written (thus, briefly there are
    3 save files). NOTE #1: LL save files no longer use an initial letter
    of q and r. The program will automatically use these obsolete files if
    necessary and delete them when no longer needed. NOTE #2: ECM and P-1
    save files on k*2^n+1 no longer use file names beginning with d and l.
    The -An command line argument no longer appends an extension to save
    file names. NOTE #3: The client now supports keeping three save files.
  3. Miscellaneous minor bug fixes.
To use the executable with the old v4 server, add "UseV4=1" to the top of prime.txt.
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sirius (Sirius)
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10 Feb 2010
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George Woltman
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